Professional Portfolio

If you have decided that you do need a portfolio, remember that your model portfolio is your calling card, your showcase and your single-most important investment in your career. Do the work: Research your options thoroughly and choose wisely.

Be prepared to spend some money. The cheapest photographer you can find may well not be your best option. Success is the result of solid investment and hard work, not just luck. It is unrealistic to assume that you can have success and money from investing nothing at all.

A portfolio can consist of prints, it can come on a CD or be online. These options, and how to get a portfolio, are discussed in the other essays in this section, which you can access from the links on the site.

Whether prints, CD, online or Comp Cards - you want your portfolio to stand out. Avoid giving the impression that you tried to assemble your portfolio on the cheap or that you could not be bothered to make an effort.